Holiday Bath Bomb Set

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Make your holiday season even more enchanting with our Limited Edition Holiday Bath Bomb Set. This set includes four hand-painted 4oz ornament bath bombs, each with a unique and festive scent. Delight in the holiday spirit as you create a soothing, fragrant oasis in your bath. Packaged in a charming holiday-themed truck cookie serving tin, it's the perfect gift for yourself or someone special.

What's Inside:

  1. Snowflake Bath Bomb: Enjoy the crisp scent of Sparkling Apple Blossom as you watch this bath bomb dissolve, leaving behind silky waters and a soothing bath experience that feels like the first snowfall of winter.

  2. Sugar Plum Bath Bomb: Transport yourself to a holiday feast with the velvety scent of Red Wine, Bright Plum, Warm Spice, and Juicy Cherries. This bath bomb will envelop you in a warm and fruity embrace.

  3. Candy Cane Bath Bomb: Experience the sweetness of the season with a bath bomb infused with sweet Peppermint, Vanilla, Sugar, Amber, and Musk. It's like taking a dip in a pool of candy canes.

  4. Cranberry Woods Bath Bomb: Dive into a forest of holiday scents with tart Cranberries, sweet Orange, fresh Air, and a touch of juniper and cypress to add a hint of woodsiness. This bath bomb is a refreshing winter adventure.

Why Choose Our Holiday Bath Bomb Set:

  • Unique Hand-Painted Ornaments: These bath bombs are not just for the bath; they are a work of art. Each one is hand-painted and designed to look like festive holiday ornaments.

  • Festive and Invigorating Scents: Immerse yourself in the joy of the season with scents that capture the essence of the holidays.

  • Skin-Nourishing Ingredients: Our bath bombs are carefully crafted with skin-loving ingredients to leave your skin feeling soft, moisturized, and refreshed.

  • Beautiful Holiday Tin: After enjoying your bath bombs, you can reuse the holiday-themed truck cookie serving tin as a decorative piece or for storing holiday treats.

How to Use:

  1. Fill your bathtub with warm water.

  2. Gently place one of the hand-painted ornament bath bombs into the water.

  3. Watch as it fizzes and dissolves, releasing its delightful scent and skin-loving ingredients.

  4. Step into the fragrant bath, relax, and enjoy the magic of the holidays.

Make this holiday season extra special with our Holiday Bath Bomb Set. Whether you're treating yourself or sharing the joy with loved ones, these hand-painted ornaments will transform your bath into a festive celebration. Order now and let the holiday spirit come alive in your bathtub!

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